How It Works!

Whether you are online shopping for or selling lovely shoes, phones, that big TV or a car, a house,
to closing that big money deal. cQeor's escrow ensures your payment is safe and secured.


Transaction Created

Buyer or Seller initiates purchase. Buyer funds escrow account

Delivery Completed

Once buyer's payment is in escrow, seller delivers the goods or services to buyer.

Buyer Review

Buyer inspects deliverables and releases payment from escrow (or initiates a dispute).

Seller Payout

cQeor releases funds to Seller's account.

Why we are preferred.

cQeor helps many businesses in Africa.

We are a Financial Technology firm that offers escrow services to buyers and sellers to ensure safe and secure resolution of payments. Our aim and objective is to provide a trusted platform for money to be exchanged between trading parties online and offline, without fear of fraud, deception or theft, holding all parties to their agreed terms and conditions.

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